I have spent every summer of my life on Indian Point of Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks.  Three years ago, I wanted to discover when our family’s  red, one room cabin was built.  The exploration has become one of on-going realizations of the unique history of these fifty acres.  While I continue my research, I have chosen to begin this blog to force myself to write down the information that I have gathered.   Each month I will post a new story.  My hope is that eventually I will combine these blog posts into a book.  I have no illusions of seeing my book on the best seller list.  My highest hope is to self-publish a couple hundred editions and seek to have Mr. Dillon sell them at the Raquette Lake Supply village store, with all proceeds going to a local charity or organization.  If you enjoy what you read, please let me know.   If you have thoughts on how to improve each story, PLEASE let me know.

Thank you,

Tom Thacher

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I have been at Raquette Lake yearly since 1949. We built our camp in 1967 on the outlet, the first of second camp there. Have admired your property and location each trip through the “needles”

    John Perdiue

  2. Hi Tom,
    My sons and I often canoed Raquette Lake past the needles and then portaged over to Forked. Then on the river to Long Lake and begged a pick-up truck ride to Blue Mountain to Eagle, Utowana and down the Marion. What a great lake you have in Raquette.
    Maybe you will like my stories of horror and intrigue in the Adirondacks. Apparently we both love those north woods.

  3. I would like to follow your work. I am writing a fictional account of William West Durant’s life. See my webpage link below. After conducting extensive research at various libraries including the ADK Museum, I have uncovered aspects of his earlier life that few knew about. I am traveling to England this summer to follow-up with research on on the Isle of Wight. A fascinating man indeed. http://www.wwdurantstory.com/

  4. Tom, I ran across your family while researching Nessmuk’s 3 tours of the Adirondacks, and some of the early routes into the area. I’m puzzled by John Boyd Thacher’s rough route from Indian Lake to Eagle Lake via Cedar River Road and the trail between there and Eagle Lake. Is it possible that the road between Indian Lake and Blue Mtn. Lake (now Rte. 28) was not available in the 1870’s? I have a copy of a USGS map from 1903 which clearly shows a hard-surfaced (metalled) road there. Would you have any information when that route was first established, or the changes made to it? On my 1903 map, the route between Cedar River Rd. and Eagle Lake is listed as a trail, or path, rather than a road for wagons and buckboards.

  5. I bought a re-print of a survey map labeled 1874 showing the lakes Raquette, Forked and Long and the design of a canal… Would this be related to the Farrand Benedict plan?

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